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Belle Shafir


The presentation that I built in the gallery space is based on an idea of a labyrinth. A labyrinth, as a symbol of the search for a way out, a path and an internal search in the soul of man. The paths in the labyrinth lead us and deflect us from the path without being influenced by the path we have chosen.

The deep inner power found inside of us shows us the way to our truth. When we come to the end of the way when we discover in fact a primary and most important thing in order to start the journey to new revelation.

Our life’s path is an endless labyrinth in which we seek our way, our sexual identity and a way out from the walls that imprison us.

The materials the presentation is built of, white gravel and sheets of acrylan, absorb the projected light and form an atmosphere of lack of response to what surrounds them leaving the effect of seeking a way and not its surroundings.


Belle Shafir

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