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Spirit of Senses on Shifting Identities,
Dr. Kostas Prapoglou


Belle Shafir with Spirit of Senses ( 2022) responds to personal and family memories from parallel environments related to her own past.
A muted open -air kitchen area connected with the  man yard space through a large gate comes back to life with a soundscape and a hidden moving image.

Utilizing horsehair as a direct reference to her childhood years., the artist provides access to a time capsule, where everything seemingly appears silenced and suppressed.

 Kitchen sounds and whispering coming from unexpected corners, suddenly disrupt the quietness. Blurring the boundaries between reality and illusion, Shafir masterfully plays with our senses giving life to every inch of the space while an uncanny surprise awaits the viewer in the area of the large storage vessels. 
Exploring ideas around food and its related processes, the installation divulges and emotional pulse in a perpetually changing totality.
Dr Kostas Prapoglou 

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